What We Do

Aurora Theater and Sound is a complete audio-visual enhancement company. We focus on delivering the highest form of quality, as well as a unique touch to your home. Whether you have a passion for music, love movies, or are just someone who appreciates quality and comfort, Aurora has something for you. After carefully analyzing your personal needs and space, we find the best combination to deliver an unprecedented acoustic experience. Along with enhancing your audio and visual experience, we give you total access to your equipment. You will be able to control everything in your home or business, creating the perfect ambience with lighting, climate and acoustics, all from your mobile device.

HiFi Stereo:

If you have a passion for music, then implementing a high-end stereo system in your home is a must.  We focus on every detail in your system, from the power isolation to the quality of the cables. Guaranteeing great amplification on your high-end speakers and ensuring that you can appreciate the transparency, clarity, and depth of each song you listen to.  Whether it is a symphony, live jazz tune, or classic rock song, we ensure that the music is palpable, with a notable separation between each instrument. We want you to hear the vocalist’s  breathing and the musician’s hands sliding across the instruments as they play. Close your eyes and experience your own private concert in the comfort of your home.

Home Theater

What is your favorite movie? Aurora Theater & Sound can enhance your viewing experience using state of the art equipment, turning your room into a personalized home theater. Whether it be in your living room or your family room, a dedicated home theater, or even in your bedroom, Aurora personalizes your space to ensure an amazing experience. In addition, single button lighting control lets you create the perfect ambience in which to enjoy your films.

A 120-inch screen with a 4K home theater projector will completely change the idea of using a television and revive the experience of watching a movie or your favorite TV show at home. With a variety of screen sizes and qualities, Aurora ensures that this experience will be unforgettable.

Let the audio waves fill your surroundings and immerse yourself in the experience. Relive your favorite concert, or create your own. Aurora Theater and Sound will deliver. We pride ourselves in bringing the industries finest audio and visual equipment into your home.

Multi-Room Audio

Aurora Theater and Sound’s Multi-Room Audio will grant you the ability to enjoy your music throughout your home. We achieve optimal listening by implementing state of the art speakers in every area of your home.  Friends and family will be able to enjoy your social gatherings no matter which room they are in.  Due to our focus on quality and attention to detail, you will never have to worry about having a conversation while the music is playing. Even at low volumes you can still appreciate the music, as every instrument and vocal cord are highlighted and every detail is enunciated. Now you can enjoy the words to your favorites songs and understand every word clearly and concisely, which is difficult to achieve with commercial brands that focus on high volume. This is just one of the multidimensional features you will enjoy that truly separates Aurora Theater and Sound from other companies.

Commercial Audio

Aurora Theater and Sound specializes in creating the perfect ambiance.  Our specialists will guide you on how to create the perfect atmosphere for your guests. From the moment your guests walk through your door, they will be enveloped by the experience you want them to have. We pay attention to all of the small details that are often overlooked in order to propel your business forward.

Aurora can provide your space with quality sound that won´t disturb your customers. We keep your guests in mind just as much as they keep you in mind.  Aurora Theater and Sound is here to serve you, contact us to explore all the different options available for your business.

About Us

Aurora Theater and Sound, located in New York, is the sister company of Innovaciones Acusticas, a prestigious high-end audio/video/automation company based in Latin America. At Aurora Theater and Sound, we focus on satisfying the exquisite taste in HiFi audio, home theater,  multi-room audio, and commercial audio without losing quality. Partnered with some of the industry’s most prestigious brands, and our love for quality, Aurora Theater and Sound will give you personalized advice on how to perfect your ideas, in order to produce maximum satisfaction. Our founder is an audiophile, who appreciates the majesty of music, and wishes to spread his knowledge and acoustic wisdom to his clients. No project is too small or too large, so please do not hesitate to contact us about your project.

Contact: info@auroranyc.com